Horizon Farm Trust


Local and Overseas Volunteers

Horizon Farm has been privileged to host many international and South African volunteers who have come to Horizon on visits ranging a week to a year, and more specifically from South Africa, Holland, Germany, England and USA.

Volunteers play an important add-on role for the day-to-day activities for the residents and many make long-lasting friendships. Furthermore, through crowdfunding projects our international volunteers have been responsible for raising donations of over R100 000 which have been used for special projects that benefit the residents directly.

We have two volunteers cottages with facilities that can cater for 4 male and 4 female. Volunteers pay for their basics only and otherwise receive full board & lodging and assistance with transport for their basic needs.

Activities and contributions include medical, physio- and occupational therapy, caregiving, speech therapy, outdoor activities, sports, painting, drawings, baking, storytelling, dance, music, exercise, walks in our amazing countryside and even building maintenance.

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Volunteers Cottage

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