Vetiver: a financial sustainability project

Vetiver grass is an amazing utility grass that was propagated in India by the World Bank in the 60’s to assist in soil erosion and agriculture. The grass is used by property owners, developers, landscapers etc to stabalise soil erosion conditions and prevent bank slips. Furthermore it  is highly beneficial to agricultural crop growers as the plants prevent soil and water run-off as well as improving water retention by 30%. The plant is non-invasive, infertile and does not seed itself. The incredible fibrous root system grows to over 3 metres below ground and has a strength value of over 40mpa (concrete foundations being 25mpa). This ideal green solution for prevention of soil erosion is 5% of the cost of standard solutions, eg. retaining walls, gabions etc.

Horizon Farm has a substantial quantity of plants currently under cultivation which is ready for sale. Please send us an email from the “Contact Page” or call the farm.

We are currently busy with two sales of the grass for two large residential estates to stabilise their banks. This will generate ±R80 000 income for Horizon Farm.