Horizon Farm Trust


Horizon Farm Trust was established in 1994 by parents of intellectually impaired adults who wanted their children to live in a safe home-away-from-home environment. Horizon was primarily established to look after down syndrome adults, but it was apparent that the need to look after all intellectual impairments was greatly needed.

In 2004 Horizon Farm took occupation of a 32-acre farm in the Clifton Canyon and so the dream of Horizon Farm was founded. Horizon originally consisted of one main building on a farm largely covered with invasive bush, and through the dedication of the trustees and staff, it has steadily grown into a facility that can look after 40 residents.

Every year improvements to the farm have been made and it now boasts 4 residential blocks for high to low care, individual rooms, staff quarters, an eating hall, and an activities centre, with plans to grow further. We are eternally grateful for the donors who have made the dream possible, and who continue to support the growth.

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