Horizon Farm Trust


Every donation big or small, will assist us in our mandate in looking after those who cannot look after themselves. We take each donation seriously and are full accountable to our donors. We have unqualified audit reports yearly.

We are a registered non-profit organisation and are Section 18A registered which allows for Tax deduction on donations.

We also have a team of fundraisers who spend time in reaching out to the community to assist us with our donation needs.

1- Back-a-resident

Some out our residents’ parents are elderly, or have passed away, and have no means to support their loved ones. If you would like to contribute to our bursary project and assist with the monthly costs of housing a resident, please contact us or use the reference “bursary” in your donation.


2- Capital Growth Projects

We have many projects in the pipeline to grow our facilities, and maintain the buildings- for a full list of projects and the current funding needs please email e


3- Residential Activities programme

All our residential activities are fundraised- this includes all communal outings for the residents, regular physio therapy, physical (Emmett Technique) therapy, and our daily activities raw materials and co-ordination.
Our fundraising goal is R20 000 per month for this project


4- General donation

Non-specified donations are used for operation requirements on the farm. Donation are used for essential services that we provide to the residents, and to provide quality residential care.


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