Horizon Farm Trust

Care provided


We offer our residents a balanced meal plan and take dietary requirements into account. Residents are given 3 full meals and 2 tea breaks every day.
We have 2 full time chefs who ensure that the residents are well catered for with a variety of nutritious and delicious food.



We have a high ratio of caregivers to residents. These caregivers are there to assist the residents with their daily tasks, depending on their individual needs. They can assist the residents with their daily ablutions, eating, and their mental well-being, such as participating and assisting in daily activities.

We have large team of cleaners who are responsible for keeping the farm and the residential accommodation clean and hygienic. All washing is done on the premises for the residents in our laundry.


Our Staff are all trained with First Aid and can attend to basic medical needs and emergencies.
We will administer the prescribed medication as per the instructions of the pharmacy, doctors, and parents.
All medical emergencies are immediately refereed to the guardians and to the emergency services.


We have an onsite management team who see to the efficient running off the farm in terms of planning and administration.
The committee and trust are made up of parents and business people who have volunteered to oversee financial and strategic planning decisions on the farm, and to be accountable to the parents and donors for the efficient running of the farm.

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