Horizon Farm Trust


Activities Programme

Our activities programme for the residents consists of well structured activities assigned to each weekday. As funding improves we include therapeutic services relating to physiotherapy, speech therapy, biokinetics and occupational therapy, the latter of which is already involved with our horse therapy programme. We encourage activities to be outdoor-based and our dedicated caregivers and volunteers are instrumental in providing our residents with both fun-filled and meaningful activities. These activities are weather influenced and therefore our  proposed new Activities Centre will assist enormously with this programme.

Daily activities include horseriding, caring for and having fun with our small animals, painting, drawing, reading, puzzle making, knitting, cooking, all types of ball games and walks in the countryside.

Our higher functioning residents are given meaningful tasks to do around the farm, to give them purpose and a sense of self-worth. Tasks include garden maintenance, kitchen duties, laundry duties, farm animal care and tending to the herb and vegetable garden.

There are daily activities in which the residents partake, focussed on physical, mental and creative stimulation. All residents are encouraged to join in, no matter how high or low functioning, as the Caregivers assist the residents depending on their skills. Regular small group workshops are hosted and are designed to cater to the residents’ abilities and interests.

Residents are also treated to external outings that are arranged and funded by donors.

We have a large space for outdoor activities and sports, and an indoor activities room where residents can play indoor games, do crafts, watch movies, and play sport.

Subject to funding from donors, we also run therapeutic programs, such as occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Our goal is to bring joy to our residents, to give them purpose and to provide a happy place for them to call home.

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