Local Volunteers

Volunteers from local schools

We often get learners coming in to help us as part of their social responsibilty programmes. We have had as many as 50 learners on the day from Westville Boys High School which has always supported the farm tremendously over the years. They get involved in various projects like fun & games, grounds & maintenance, clearing areas for projects etc. This is also important for the learners to understand about adults less fortunate than themselves.

Youngsters involved in the Schools Presidents Programme also come to the farm as part of their experience.

Volunteer to assist with our Horse Therapy Programme

Horizon Farm is located in "horse country" in Shongweni and so local horse enthusiasts and horse owners come to help us from time to time to assist us with our horse therapy programme. Assistance is always needed as it is a "hands-on" activity in all aspects.

Our residents also love meeting new people!