Be More Volunteers

Be More ... Volunteers from the Netherlands

Horizon Farm signed a volunteer working agreement with Be More in February 2014 and to date we have received ±17 volunteers on the farm for various volunteer periods, from 2 weeks to 3 months.
Wilma van Wijngaarden is the capable project coordinator for South Africa, and along with 9 other NGO’s, coordinates and plans all the volunteer visits. Wilma has offered us amazing support to date and we are grateful in the interest that she shows in Horizon Farm. The volunteers are mostly in their twenties and come from a varied background, many of which are graduates taking a gap year or consolidating their studies, or looking to make a social contribution to those less fortunate. The volunteer activities on the farm include activities with the residents like arts & crafts, reading, sport, physio, plus for the farm itself, gardening, vegetable garden, buildings & grounds maintenance and the like.

We look forward to our ongoing arrangement.

Thank you to the following volunteers, the residents loved your stay and the happiness you brought to us and Horizon Farm:

Janina Faber, Tara Graf, Bob & Lesbeth Sterkenburg, Eliza Bol, Malou Loohuis, Niki van Bommel, Meike Odijk, Astrid Meeuwsen, Bianca Doppenberg

Meike Van der Vlugt, Robin Knoops, Martijn Waaifoort, Eva Lautenbach